Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge

Can you connect the human brain with digital world?

The Wyss Center, a not-for-profit neurotechnology organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, has today launched a global neurotech innovation challenge to connect the human brain with the digital world.

The Challenge seeks the most disruptive new technologies for brain stimulation and neural signal recording. The goal is to develop technology with a clinical application that could help paralyzed people move, overcome depression or memory loss, restore vision or address other nervous system disorders.

Open to anyone, from anywhere in the world, the award will provide access to the expertise and technical facilities at the Wyss Center as well as funding to translate the successful idea from research concept into a clinical application.

Accommodation and salary for the project leader in the beautiful Lake Geneva region of Switzerland will be included in the award for a minimum of a year in addition to ongoing funding for the project.

The deadline for entries to the Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge is the 1st February 2017.

«We are searching for the most creative and inspiring neurotechnology-based ideas that have the potential to revolutionize the lives of people living with nervous system disorders such as epilepsy or paralysis as a result of stroke.

Too many valuable ideas fail before they reach the people who need them most. We want to find great ideas that are in peril because they are not yet ready for commercialization and not appealing to traditional funding agencies. We will offer the successful researcher the engineering, clinical, regulatory, scientific and business expertise to accelerate development of their promising concept and make it available to the people who need it.»

Professor John Donoghue
Director of the Wyss Center

Neurotechnology, sparked by tremendous increase in neuroscience knowledge and engineering advances, has the potential to revolutionize the medical device industry and help millions of people with nervous system disorders regain their independence.

The Wyss Center’s existing projects range from cognitive, motor, mood, autonomic or sensory disorders including brain stimulation to help people with dyslexia through to restoring movement in paralyzed limbs and accelerating the development of new brain probes.

The Wyss Center provides access to the latest advanced neuroscience and engineering technology development facilities to researchers from academia and industry at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland.

The deadline for entries to the Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge is the 1st February 2017.

Proposals may be sent out for independent external review. A short list will be announced on February 14 and the winner will be announced in April 2017.

For more information about the Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge please visit: www.wysscenter.ch/en/neurotech-challenge

Wyss Center Director, Professor John Donoghue, is available for interview.

Visit us at booth 3917 at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting (SfN 2016), San Diego 12-16 November to find out more about the Challenge.

About the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering

The Wyss Center provides the expertise, facilities and resources to accelerate the development of creative neuroscience research into clinical solutions for human benefit.

Based at Campus Biotech in Geneva Switzerland, the Wyss Center offers competitively awarded project funding for innovative neurotechnology research projects that have the potential to make substantial impact.

The Center provides access to advanced neuroscience and engineering facilities, as well as the integrated clinical, regulatory and business resources required to guide high risk, high return projects on their the complex journey from research to product.

The Wyss Center’s unique interdisciplinary team of specialists, including research scientists, engineers, regulatory experts, business development specialists and clinicians, help to develop the products that will prevent, diagnose or treat nervous system disorders, or will lead to useful technology with the potential to improve lives.

The Center will support highly innovative neurotechnology projects from anywhere in the world as long as they fit the core mission to accelerate the development of neurotechnology for human benefit and make full use of the Center’s capabilities and resources.

A major goal is to ensure that innovative neurotechnologies advance until they are sufficiently mature to attract corporate partnerships, venture funding, or other mechanisms necessary to make them broadly available to society.

Established by a generous donation from the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss, the Wyss Center is a partner in a progressive new neuroscience hub at Campus Biotech.