Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge shortlist

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted applications for the Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge

The Wyss Center Neurotech Challenge received many competitive proposals for creative new neurotechnologies and we are very pleased to announce a shortlist of four projects. 

All four stood out as  innovative concepts with the potential to improve the lives of people living with nervous system disorders.

The Wyss Center neurotech challenge was conceived to offer anyone, from anywhere in the world, the opportunity to access to the expertise and technical facilities at the Wyss Center and Campus Biotech, Geneva, along with funding to translate their successful idea from research concept into a clinical application.

Accommodation and salary for the project leader will be awarded to the winner in addition to funding and technical support for the project.

The winning concept will be announced in April 2017.


The shortlist:


Innovative hands-free interfaces that use face-worn movement sensors to allow people with severe paralysis to easily interact with technology that can improve their independent living.

A portable device to monitor the efficacy of antiepileptic treatment

Detection and monitoring of high-frequency oscillations in epilepsy patients with specialized algorithms embedded in a dedicated miniature EEG system.

Personalized deep brain stimulation therapy to optimize treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Advanced biophysical modeling of electric fields, combined with structural and functional brain imaging, to better understand the effects of deep brain stimulation and inform individual therapy parameters.


A new class of flexible, high density electrocorticography grids, incorporating active multiplexing electronics directly into the elastic substrate of the array.