Neural Microsystems

The Neural Microsystems Platform provides a cutting edge environment in which novel neurotechnologies, such as flexible electronics or novel neural sensors can be developed.

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Facilities and equipment

The Neural Microsystems Platform comprises a 200m² ISO 5 to ISO 7 med tech cleanroom, an advanced microscopy area and a laser micro-machining facility.

The platform includes state of the art equipment for:

  • Photolithography with mask and maskless aligners and semi-automated coater and developer units
  • Deposition with co-focal sputtering
  • Etching with plasma etcher for thin metal films (Pt, Ti), oxides, silicium, plastics and silicone and microwave and RF strippers
  • Advanced microscopy with a Hitachi variable pressure SEM for conductive, non-conductive and biological specimen and conventional Nikon microscopes
  • Metrology with an optical and a mechanical profiler
  • Laser cutting with high definition Optec femtosecond laser equipment
  • A dedicated area for silicon / PDMS process with appropriate equipment is also available.

Experienced support

Experienced process engineers for advanced science and engineering, including cleanroom microfabrication, are on hand to train and support users throughout every step of their project.


Neural Microsystems Platform Manager

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